When we arrive on the day of the shoot, we will come to you, whether that means a workplace, office, or your home. We aim to arrive 30 minutes before the actual photoshoot starts to give ourselves an opportunity to get our equipment set-up and chat more with you about the photos that you’re after, and so the time slot that you booked is fully filled with actual photo taking. As we are setting our equipment in your workplace or home, we will base our camera and lighting setups based on the space available to us - therefore it’s best if we can shoot in the largest space available to you as this will keep the most amount of options possible, however we can still make it work if we have very limited space. We also request that you provide a few images of the location in advance of the shooting day to give us an idea of how we can set our equipment up. 


Once the booking date has been agreed, an invoice for the deposit will then be issued, and once paid, the booking date will officially be locked in our calendar. We will also reach out to you once you make the enquiry to discuss what type of headshots you’re after, such as character-based portraits, something neutral and corporate for a LinkedIn profile picture, or a range of headshots tailored for a casting profile. 

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Once the photoshoot has finished, we will upload almost every shot from the session as a low res watermarked JPEG into a Google Drive folder, and email a shareable link to the customer within 24 hours hours (we'll only leave out obviously unusable shots such as ones where the customer is blinking). The customer can then select the appropriate number of photos based on the package they have selected and email us the list of their favourites. Once these images have been selected, the second invoice will then be issued to the customer and once paid, the retouched images will then be delivered for your use. Additional photos can also be retouched at £25 per photo which applies to all 4 of our packages. 

The photo gallery will remain active and accessible for 1 year after the photoshoot.