Frequently asked questions


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. You must pay a £30 deposit via bank transfer or PayPal to confirm the photoshoot booking. The £30 deposit applies to every package type, and also applies if you are using a promotion.

How does the payment procedure work?

When a booking date is agreed, we will send you an invoice for a £30 deposit and once this is paid your booking will be officially locked in our calendar. The second invoice for the remaining balance will be provided 24 hours after you have selected the images for retouching, and once this is paid the photos will be delivered to you as soon as they’re finished.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept online bank transfers or final installment through cash.

Will I get my deposit back if I cancel the session?

We will fully refund the deposit if you cancel prior to 7 days before your shoot.

Do you charge travel expenses?

Travel expenses may be included depending on your location.

Do you have Public Liability insurance?

Yes, we are covered by PolicyBee with Public Liability up to £1,000,000.

Do you offer child photography?

Yes! We're both DBS checked and can provide our certifications. We also offer £20 off all packages, and also allow additional promotions to be claimed on top of the reduced child photography prices.


How should I prepare?

The best way to prepare for a headshot is to know exactly what you want to get out of the photoshoot session. If you have a clear intention in mind, such as getting headshots that are relevant to a specific type of casting, or a corporate headshot for a social media profile image, we can plan the session specifically according to your goals. One of the most important things in headshots is longevity so it’s important that you have your headshots taken with a look that you will be consistent with the next one-to-two years so that your headshots are future-proofed. Whether you’re an actor or corporate client, you don’t want to have your headshots taken, only to drastically change your hairstyle a few weeks later. The headshots also need to be an accurate representation of what you look like now, so adjusting your appearance for the shoot in any way that would be considered unusual for you would not be advisable; you should come to the session looking the way you typically look so that the photos are an accurate representation of you.

What should I wear?

When it comes to choosing what to wear for your headshots, simplicity is usually key. You, as the subject, should be the main focus of the headshot and your clothes should be a secondary element that complements your skin so you’re not washed out. If you are an actor, be sure to bring a variety of clothes; it’s important that the clothing choices are both comfortable and relevant to your desired outcome from the photoshoot session that is relevant to your casting. Plain colours are preferable as well as layers and textures. Black and white is always a good option as it looks timeless. Please avoid logos also. If you are a corporate client, bring work appropriate attire.

Please ensure that all clothing is clean and not creased

How should I do my make-up?

Your hair and makeup is another element of the photoshoot that, like your clothing, should be kept as neutral and natural to you as possible. A photoshoot isn’t a good time to try out a new hairstyle or a new hair colour because there’s too much of a risk that it won’t turn out the way you expected, and your headshots will be short-lived. If you are planning to change your hairstyle or colour, make sure that you leave it long enough to know with absolute certainty that you like the new look and are happy to keep that style going forward before you get your headshots taken.

It’s best to keep your makeup minimalistic and natural for the shoot; if you’re using eye makeup, it’s usually best to stick to neutral tones and keep it subtle; less is always more. As is with blush, highlight and contour. Blush should be a subtle complementary colour to your skin tone so that it looks natural; this also applies to contour and highlight which should be kept subtle so that it doesn’t change the structure of your face; the aim of a headshot is to represent your true self and all of your features. You can use neutral makeup just to cover up any blemishes on the skin, although you shouldn’t worry about covering any birthmarks or permanent marks on your skin.

If you wear glasses, it really helps to use non-reflective lenses as this will help hugely with reducing any glare caused by our lights.

How long does it take on the day?

The time it takes will vary based on the package you choose. We aim to arrive 30 minutes before the actual photoshoot starts to give ourselves an opportunity to get our equipment set-up and chat more with you about the photos that you’re after, and so the time slot that you booked is fully filled with actual photo taking. We typically will take an additional 20-30 minutes to pack our equipment away at the end of the session so please factor in the additional time either side of your booking.

Where are you based?

We come to you! We live in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire but are willing to travel further within a reasonable radius. Travel expenses may apply.

Can I have environmental headshots?

We like to keep our style of headshots consistent with a studio-style look and therefore we don’t shoot environmental headshots.


Can I edit the raw shots myself?

No. We like to maintain a particular style of editing, and therefore do not allow others to edit their headshots. Also, please do not re-edit our images after they have already been edited and delivered to you with photo editing softwares or Instagram filters. We take our time to edit our images in a very specific and professional way to get the best results out of them, and adding additional edits or filters on top after they’ve been delivered will almost never look good.

How do I review the shots to select my favourites?

We upload almost every photo from the shoot into a Google Drive folder as a watermarked low res JPEG, and email a shareable link to you within 24 hours of the shoot (we'll only leave out unusable shots such as any where you're blinking). From the Google Drive folder, you can then select the appropriate number of photos that you would like to be retouched and email us the list of photos that you have selected. You can make adjustments to your list within 24 hours of the initial selection. Changes made after 24 hours will incur a £25 fee.

What if I don’t like my headshots?

Photography is a subjective artform and therefore there’s always the possibility that a customer won’t like their headshots. Therefore, please make sure you’ve had a look through our portfolio before you book and make sure you like the overall work that we do. If you like the work we’ve done in the past, we’re very confident you’ll love your headshots; if you’re not a huge fan of what we’ve shot previously, no offence taken! We’re just not the right match for you! (If you’re an actor, please consult with your agent prior to the photoshoot and make sure they are also happy with our work prior to booking). In the session, we will continually show you the headshots on our laptop so please let us know if there’s something about the headshots that you don’t like, whether it’s the lighting, backdrop, or whatever else that it is that could be that’s bothering you about it. If you don’t like the photos and don’t let us know, there’s nothing that we can do about it once the session is over so please be communicative with us on the shoot.

How long will it take for the photos to be edited?

The photos will be edited within seven days once you have told us your selected choice.


What promotions do you offer?

We offer Student Discount, a 'Refer A Friend' promotion, and a 'First 10' promotion which is a limited exclusive deal for our first ten customers.

What is the Student Discount?

£30 off the 'basic package', £40 off the 'pro package', and £20 off the 'top-up package'. Please provide proof of a Student I.D. card with your booking.

What is the 'refer a friend' promotion?

You will earn one additional free retouched photo per successful referral, and the friend who is referred will have £10 discounted from their package. You can refer an unlimited number of friends who will all benefit from the £10 discount, however, we only allow the referrer to earn up to 5 additional free retouched photos per photoshoot.

How do I refer a friend?

When we deliver your final photos to you, we will also include a code in the email that is exclusive to you. This code can then be passed onto a friend to be redeemed in their booking.

What is the 'First 10' Discount?

Our first 10 customers will have £30 off the basic package or £40 taken off the pro package.

Can I claim multiple promotional offers together?

We only allow one promotion to be claimed per booking.